English For Fun offers playgroups every day of the week in English, where children will get early stimulation through sensorial exploration and music.

ENGLISH FOR FUN is an educational space where we develop a pedagogic project, working on the personality of children and getting them ready for the real world. Our aim is to educate them in diversity and respect, building capacity of criticism and developing their self-esteem

ENGLISH FOR FUN is an American Preschool. We are accredited by the American organization NECPA ( National Early Childhood Program Accreditation ). This accreditation gives the families the guarantee of high quality and safety, the quality of the teachers, the service to the clients and more. 

We created an environment where children grow academically, emotionally and socially. We use proved learning techniques based on areas of childhood development, active learning and emotional intelligence.

The dynamic of PLAYGROUPS is based on our curriculum and coordinated by our childhood supervisor, it helps the learning of a language in a natural and fun way.