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English for Fun is the only 100% American preschool in all of Europe.  We are accredited by NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation).  Our accreditation guarantees quality for our families in terms of hygiene, security, the quality of our teachers, services provided to our families, and much more.  Typical Spanish nursery licenses fall into a gray area, so to speak, and almost invariably involve few inspections (at best), which is mind-blowing considering the importance of such guarantees in the context of our small children!  You can find more information on our accreditation via the following link:

We have created an environment designed to nurture the academic, emotional, and social growth of children.  We use learning techniques that are demonstrably based specifically on the developmental needs of early learners — active learning, and emotional intelligence.  We believe that every child has a unique type of intelligence, which is why we incorporate the “Multiple Intelligence” theory of Howard Gardner into our curriculum.  Our focus is fun, and very physical, stimulating the senses in order to achieve learning on a more profound and meaningful level.  Furthermore, our curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, in which children learn in direct relation to their own interests, as they themselves take an active role in their own learning process.  You can have a look at more information on Reggio Emilia via the following link:

Also, feel free to have a look at the following poem written by the founder of the Reggio Emilia approach, which very well captures the essence of the philosophy itself:

Early Childhood (0-6 years) is the most important time period for children in terms of intellectual growth — a time during which 85% of their brains develop as they are in their most formative period.  It is simply compulsory to stimulate them sufficiently during these initial years.  We are not a daycare center, we are a school!  Here is the link to a very interesting article about recent research that speaks to the notion that the first years of our lives are truly of such a fundamental importance, especially in the context of learning multiple languages:

Our academic program is play-based, practical and manual, it involves significant creative problem resolution, and puts an enormous emphasis on the development of critical thinking abilities.  In order to even further enrich the experience of each and every child, we furthermore include activities in the following categories: music, theater, art, and physical education.

We have the best student/teacher ratio you will ever find — there is simply no comparison with any other existing school at this time.  (1:4 for one-year-old children, 6:1 for two-year-old children, and 9:1 thereafter).  With our two-year-old students, we limit group size to 12, so there would therefore be two teachers since the ratio is 6:1.

The schedule is 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, with the possibility to extend from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm if necessary.  Our children have lunch at around 12:00 – 12:30, and have a nap until 2:30 pm afterwards.  They are also given one snack at 10:00 – 10:30, and another upon awakening from their nap.

All of our teachers are highly qualified.  We bring our lead teachers from the US, and they must have extensive experience, as well as superior training.  Furthermore, another important aspect of our faculty is the concept of continuing education, which entails every employee participating in a minimum of 20 hours of training per year (most of our teachers ultimately surpass that figure, actually).  Additionally, all of our team members have first aid training and CPR training.

In terms of how we communicate with parents on a daily basis, we use a digital platform called Tadpoles, through which we send parents a daily report each day with information on how each child’s day went, such as: how much he or she ate, how many times he or she had a diaper change or used the bathroom, activities, weekly objectives, photos, and more.  You can find more information at

We appeal to diverse families, typically international, and with common values.  We encourage active participation on the part of parents, and we consider it fundamental that they directly involve themselves in their children’s education.  We are looking for families who understand how important early childhood education is, and who wish to invest in it.  We truly believe that children surrounded by such characteristics will change the world!

In terms of our facilities, we have chosen an innovative design adapted to best fit the needs of young learners.  Our La Finca location is uncommonly unique.  Iñaqui Carnicero and Lorena del Río, founders of RICA architectural studios, and winners of the 2016 National Architecture Award, and the 2016 Leon de Oro de la Bienal de Venecia designed our new building.  You can have a look at photos of the classrooms, as well as see additional information, as well as a video here:

We will also have ample outdoor space for play (around 500 sq. meters) with a garden, water fountains, sports area, an amphitheater, etc.

As you will see should you visit various area schools, our quality standards are not even in the same league as other preschools in this country!

We want to ensure that families know as much about us, as well as our Early Childhood program as possible, which is why we hold weekly open house events at English for Fun.

  • Open House every week.

The information session covers our educational philosophy and objectives, class format, our methodology, as well as timetable and tuition costs.  After a presentation, there is time for a Q&A, and a tour of our facilities.

Please confirm attendance through our contact form.

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