The education of FEAR is done…they only way in the 21st century is to move forward together! Lets fill our parent toolbox and empower a community that respects children!

At this TIPS session, We covered:

1.How to work cross generationally to maintain successful communication

2.How to understand cross-cultural differences to embrace the diversity in our community

3.How to build a bond between school and home in order to form a team around children

Leaders must focus on children and learn to prepare them for an unknown future and respectful conversations inside and outside the school walls.

Download T.I.P.S. for Thriving Adults Presentation

Fear is an emotion and in this video we can see Heather helping Nico how to deal with his emotions.

Brain Matters

Press Release on the global launch of the documentary

“Brain Matters” in the American center English for Fun

Audrey Monkey

Audrey Monkey gives you tips for your new homeschooling reality!