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Our Signature Program

This is how it all began back in 2008

In a living room, (instead of a garage because when a Californian lives in Madrid, Spain we had to adapt)...

Our school began. It was designed to rid SPAIN of the famous phrase, "Mi asugnatura pendiente es el inglés!" ("My pending studys are in English!" - the sound of shame included).

Our mission was to rid an entire culture of that negative, FEAR-based language!

And it worked! 12 years later, we are still here bringing FUN English classes to children and their parents (Work for Fun)! ...


  • Dedication, perseverance and RESILIENCE
  • A Passion for Education
  • RESPECT for kids
  • Never Forgetting to laugh and have FUN
    Self-Efficacy is taught through modeling...and it is the MAJOR skill missing in adults today. Believe it or not, it's why COVID-19 is here! If we can get children believing that they CAN do anything from Early Learning on...
Online S.T.E.A.M.M. Classes


Starting Early Learning is the best way to learn English. Our workshops are grouped by ages and levels. We teach English to babies, starting from 1 year old and all the way until they are grown ups who can come back and Work for US!


Our English Enrichment Program offers weekly, 2 hour workshops, in which children live the language through music and dance, cooking, theater, art, group games, science. We offer REAL LIFE experiences in English!

Every week the theme changes to bring them something new and exciting and FUN reinforcement activities are sent home to review the vocabulary and grammar that we covered in our classes. 

Each LEVEL is prepared to cover the material that children will see in the famed TESTING exams in schools (PET, KET, Trinity, etc.).

**As experts, we DO NOT recommend Test-Based systems EVER as a solid foundation for life-long learning and language development. They are too Passive (synonyms for this type of teaching are boring, mundane, lazy, typical, dependent, insecure, controlling). 

How do our groups work?

  • 4-8 children per class
  • FUN global teachers with Native-Like Fluency (Ahem...just like in America!)
  • Active and dynamic learning
  • Total English immersion
  • Thematic and classes based on the children’s interests
  • Our own methodology, developed by Jill Stribling, expert in educating children and building programs for English as a Second Language Learners.


Monday to Friday from 17:30 a 19:30

Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00 or 12:15 to 14:15.


At our centers in El Viso or Pozuelo de Alarcón and now ONLINE!

Our children develop confidence and a positive self-esteem as they learn to communicate in English.

Plus, they are exposed to an international and diverse environment which will open their minds and prepare them for their future.

We also have an Early Childhood Center, for children 0-8 years old, and organize Uurban Camps for children and tweens, ages 12through 12.


Teens and Tweens (AGE 9-13)

We do things differently at English for Fun and our Teens and Tweens program is no exception.  We put a huge focus on the practical application of the language, learning by doing. We avoid worksheets, grammar and passive learning.  We’ve been doing this long enough to know that the best way for ANYONE to learn English in an extra-curricular setting is in a fun environment that doesn’t feel like the school (or ZOOM Classrooms), where they have just sat at a desk all day prior to joining us.

Some primary characteristics of the program include:

  • Active project-based learning
  • Skill development
  • Lots of fun!
  • Interest-based activities
  • This program promotes self-esteem and confidence
  • Kids achieve English-langauge fluency that STICKS (memory retention)

We add new options yearly for our English Enrichment Program to keep up with our student's advances and our teaching keeps evolving based what is happening worldwide. This keeps our kids as engaged as possible.

For example, this year our Tweens Program is based on MAKERSPACES and projects develop throughout each month.

Over the last 3 years, we incorporated journalism, cinematography, human rights education, and entrepreneurship, and much more.  This continuous development helps to build skills for their future. Beyond the language learning that occurs, the Tweens and Teens create exciting publications, documentaries, and product designs – and at times even work on raising money for causes that they believe in while learning about the plight of those who are less fortunate.  Many of our students have even designed initiatives themselves from start to finish.  

We couldn’t possibly be prouder of how our children become great HUMANS who have a social impact. They're just a little too young to save the world as we know it!

Our aim every year is to give Teens and Tweens a unique opportunity to use English in a variety of exciting and challenging situations that will engage them and make them realize their full potential resulting from interacting with people from all over the world, and the professional/personal advantages that their superior English will help them to develop!

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