Playgroups are great way to get started with Early Learning

Gabriel started cooking 6 months ago in our Plagroups

Are you worried that a full day program is too long?

It's NOT! But we get here is a great way to start school in English for Fun...

Our Playgroups are 1, 2 and 3 day programs. There is also a half-day program, every day of the week.  They range from a few hours a week to a few hours a day.  you're Sensory Play, and the form header closes the deal. Our educational opportunities are so great for children that we dont want a timetable to scare you off. Here is why it's worth filling out a form for (BELOW).


  • VERY reduced class sizes of 4-8 children per teacher to learn English right
  • Our methodology is proven to SPEAK and THINK in English
  • There are many benefits of learning English through science
  • Our community is based on teaching VALUES in English

While we HIGHLY RECOMMEND a full-time/full-day program when Early Learning is done right. We know that the world is filled with FEAR about COVID safety. So we are so confident that you will love our program that we will give you this "starter pack" for English for Fun. Once you see how happy the children are at English for Fun, you can switch to our full-day program.

Playgroups pricing

Monthly prices for playgroups. Monday to Friday from 9:00-12:00.

Extended timetable (12:00-13:00) and lunch, 10€/day.

1 day/week

180€ /mo

2 days/week

360€ /mo

3 days/week

540€ /mo


From Monday to Friday

800€ /mo

What is an English for Fun Playgroup?

English For Fun offers playgroups every day of the week in English, where children will get Early Learning through sensorial exploration, music and socializing with other children.

ENGLISH FOR FUN is a pedagogic project, working on the personality of children and getting them ready for the real world. Our aim is to educate them in diversity and respect, building critical thinking and developing their self-esteem

ENGLISH FOR FUN is an American School. We are accredited by the American organization NECPA ( National Early Childhood Program Accreditation ). This accreditation gives the families the guarantee of high quality health and safety, the quality of the teachers, the service to the clients and more. 

ENGLISH FOR FUN is an environment where children grow academically, emotionally and socially. We use proved learning techniques based on areas of childhood development, active learning and emotional intelligence.


The PLAYGROUPS are an introduction to the English for Fun Method. We teach play-based classes, where children explore English using the 5 senses.

Our American Preschool program is an emergent curriculum, meaning that the child's interest guides our activities. We teach 100% in ENGLISH. Our CARING and passionate staff have one main rule, RESPECT KIDS!  This helps children to develop socially, emotionally and academically because they are learning English in a natural and fun way.


Julia practices fine motor in our outdoor classroom