FEAR Elimination Starts in Childhood...

English for Fun has been empowering children and families since 2008 and our places are reserved for people who believe in RESPECT for children...

Children are capable of anything when we RESPECT them...

Including Social Distancing

It is amazing what children, can teach adults when we watch and listen!

KIDS will fix the problems created by previous generations if we raise them with respectful examples of how to behave.

Here's how we do just that at English for Fun:

  • WE trust them to take charge of their own learning
  • WE make classrooms FUN enough for them to want to stay
  • WE provoke curiosity and inspiration
  • WE slow down and listen to them 
Our Babies Teach ADULTS about Social Distancing

English for Fun can't do it alone...

So we rely on parents and teachers who behave RESPECTFULLY and guide the learning process adults!

(KIDS are watching us and how we navigate the world)


Does this describe YOU? Let's schedule a Zoom Session by clicking on the smartest kid WE know:

Chloe is living proof that Social-Emotional development gives children Self-Efficacy.
Our Secret

Constant innovation and OUR proven methodology that works!

(we have now survived 2 CRISIS since 2008 and we are stronger than ever for kids)
Virtual Preschool Keeps Our Favorite People as Close as Possible
WE cannot predict what will happen this afternoon, let alone anytime in the future. 
So if a FEAR of change is holding us back, times of transition  can feel overwhelming. NEWSFLASH...we can keep fighting change, but we will continue to lose the battle! The world has been telling us humans to evolve for the last several years. 
Now, more than ever, we realize the importance of raising children who are prepared for anything.
The 21st Century is here and we can embrace change, or we can raise ANOTHER generation who is unable and unwilling to adapt!
At English for Fun we believe that it's SIMPLER than most people think to raise competent and caring humans. In fact, every FEAR-eliminating TOOL a person needs, to guarantee success in the future, is taught in childhood...

Adulthood USED TO  BE meant for fixing bad habits and emotional scars, thanks to cookie-cutter education and uninformed parents. But we NOW know that adults need to focus on REAL WORLD problems.

There is a  MUCH more efficient way of preparing Generation Z for this uncertain future.  And it is rooted in PLAY....

At English for Fun we say...BRING IT ON WORLD...Our kids are ready for ANYTHING!

We offer

Positive Educational Experiences for ALL Ages

American Preschool

A Jean Piaget, Waldorf, Emmi Pikler, Howard Gardner and Reggio Emilia Inspired program. We are a melting pot of what works for children from the beginning of life.
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Urban Day Camps

Our health and hygiene standards guarantee that even with COVID-19, children (2-12 years old) can safely learn life skills in English at our campuses.
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American Accreditation
WE were the FIRST American Accredited Early Learning Center in Europe. NECPA Accredited since 2015, we have the knowledge and experience to fight whatever VIRUS comes near! We have low student to teacher ratios, we teach developmentally appropriate practices, especially "soft skills" and VERY HIGH Health & Wellness standards.
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COVID-19 doesn't stand a chance if WE raise socially responsible FUTURE adults!

Safety in siblings for a better world
We ARE their Biggest Influencers
Caring for ourselves and others is POWERFUL
Father and Son MASK UP for a better world
Early CARE is FUN

What our families say...

It is a fantastic experience. Children have fun and learn at the same time. They develop intellectual and emotional skills. They achieve a perfect education. 

Yolanda is a happy mom at English for Fun, who has tried every program that we offer. She has now converted to an Online Learning at English for Fun.
Mother of David and Daniel, S.T.E.A.M.M. Classes

Its a place that they love, because it makes them feel important. By the second day the parents feel secure leaving their children knowing that they will have a great time and become familiar with the English language. 


Mom's who have become best friends after years in our community
Virtual Camp Quarantine, Enzo and Mauro's Mom

We have been coming, almost since the girls were born. Our daughter is an 8 year camper and this year she is going to Virtual Camp Quarantine to keep our family safer. As people who work in a multi-nationals and in finance, we know the importance of speaking English and understand different cultures!

It is so much easier for our girls because they love learning English thanks to this practical and FUN methodology.

Parents of Jimena and Mercedes.

Maria came with us to Arco for Fun
Finance Director, KPMG

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WE will keep parents and children "EDUtained" with the latest research in education. Mom's and Dad's...if you don't want to be SCHOOLED...don't come to English for Fun!