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Escuela Infantil Americana
Enrichment Program
Enrichment Program


English for Fun uses a revolutionary method for children of any age or physical condition to learn English using their five senses.

In our weekly two-hour workshops, children paint, sing, dance, cook, play, and learn.

Jill Stribling, founder and director of English for Fun, has drawn on her broad background in education to design the teaching method used at the center.

With our method, children acquire English effortlessly by participating in recreational activities and exploring high-interest topics in hands-on workshops designed especially for their age group. We offer qualified native teachers, small class sizes, and classrooms equipped with the latest technology.


English for Fun is a place for all children to learn. A number of children with hearing loss, visual impairment, and speech disabilities have learned English with our methodology. Every child is special and unique to us.


We have a new option for our youngest students… learn English before starting school. Our qualified and experienced native teachers teach a well-rounded preschool curriculum that places a special focus on building children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
The only accredited American Early Childhood Center in Spain.


Each workshop at English for Fun is different. Each week is a different theme; each month is a different adventure. But we are always trying to achieve the same goal: that children walk out the door each day with new vocabulary and greater oral fluency, and that children will grow up prepared for an increasingly competitive world.

Guided by our teachers, children start off by dancing and singing to remember basic vocabulary. Each week, new vocabulary and expressions are introduced.

Small class sizes ensure that all students receive individualized attention. Our lessons are packed with games, crafts, and music so that the students learn English by having fun and using their imaginations. English for Fun is a different game to play each week in which anything is possible.

Our workshops run from Monday through Saturday, so there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to learn!

Teens & Tweens

The Enrichment Program for the Tweens has been enhanced with a completely new and fresh approach catered to the needs of our school’s oldest students. The aim is to give the Tweens a unique opportunity to use English in a variety of exciting and challenging projects that will engage them and make them realize the potential they have with the level of English they have developed.


Adults also have the opportunity to study at English for Fun.

  • Adult group lessons (Brush up on your English while your child is in class!).
  • Private lessons

Learning English can be fun and it is possible with English for Fun!